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Public education is the cornerstone of Michigan’s social, economic, and political structure, and it guides the development of our moral, ethical, and cultural values. Because of this, I believe that all residents should have access to either a college education or vocational school program and all adults should have access to continuing education programs. This is done by supporting a well-rounded public school system, including college-prep and vocational/technical training as well as an increase in STEM education in Pre-K-12. Here are some key stances:

Providing Necessary and Adequate Educational Funding: Providing students with a strong education is critical to the future success of individuals. I oppose the continued cuts to public education funding. State aid to private schools should be rescinded and funding to our public schools should be restored and increased.

Expanding Preschool: The importance of early education is well-established. I support quality preschool for children age three and four and adding to the existing network of early childhood development programs. To ensure educational equity, it is necessary that these programs be provided free of charge.

Mental Health in Schools: Every school should be provided funding for a school therapist to help protect student mental health and to help identify potential violent situations before they occur. Likewise, I support an expansion of the Michigan State Loan Repayment Program (MSLRP) for behavioral health providers. This expansion will help retain or recruit hundreds of mental health care providers to Michigan.

Supporting Education: Project
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