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Rural Michiganders understand the importance of environmental conservation. Likewise, I understand that to Michigan’s farmers, land, air, and water are more than just vacation spots or scenic beauty. They are resources essential to their businesses and, as such, require our protection. Doing so will strengthen our economy by providing our farmers with the resources that they need, while protecting the environment for future generations. Here are some key stances:

Electric Vehicle Rebate: I support a $2,500 rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle and charging equipment to accompany the $7,500 federal credit. With this proposed rebate, a Michigan family could receive $10,000 off the purchase of a new battery powered electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid vehicle and at-home charging stations. The rebate will encourage the purchase and production of electric vehicles, which will also boost Michigan’s auto manufacturing sector.

Pollution-Free Renewable Energy: I support creating incentives for families and small businesses to invest in pollution-free solar or wind renewable energy solutions by requiring utility companies to purchase, at a reasonable price, the surplus power produced by their residential and business customers. These measures will make renewable energy systems more affordable to families and business, promote a cleaner environment, and reduce dependency on foreign oil.

Protecting the Environment: Project
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