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Working families provide the strong foundation on which Michigan’s economy is based. Unfortunately, exorbitant housing prices and steep child care costs have caused working families to struggle to pay bills and put food on the table. As such, I support policies designed to reduce child care and housing costs for working families. Here are some key stances:

Affordable Housing: The lack of regional affordable housing places a burden on working families. I support a comprehensive economic plan that encourages the construction of affordable housing for families and first-time home buyers. For example, I support funding Michigan’s Housing Trust Fund (HTF). Funding Michigan’s HTF would help stimulate the affordable housing market, which is often under-served by for-profit developers.

Affordable Child Care: According to the Michigan League for Public Policy, “[c]hild care for one infant consumes 19% of the income of a family at the state’s median income, and 55% of income for a parent working at minimum wage.” I support an economic plan that is designed to increase access to affordable child care. More specifically, I support legislation that targets new child care funding to the communities that have the greatest need and least access to high quality child care.

Prioritizing Working Families: Project
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