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Our economy, well-being, and resilience hinge on the health of our manufacturing, agriculture, and small business sectors. Michigan must revitalize its plants, small businesses, and farms for the good of our workers, for the good of our economy, and for the strength of our national security. I support a comprehensive economic plan designed to revitalize and protect our domestic enterprises. Here are some key stances:

Repealing the So-Called “Right to Work” Law: Although its name suggests otherwise, this law is a thinly veiled attempt to weaken the collective bargaining power of workers. As such, I support repealing Michigan’s so-called “right to work” law, while supporting legislation that promotes and protects the rights of workers to collectively bargain. For example, I support legislation that establishes severe penalties against employers who illegally discharge workers or close facilities because of union activity.

Revitalizing Michigan’s Manufacturing Sector: I support measures designed to revitalize Michigan’s manufacturing sector, including research and development tax credits. Likewise, I support an electric vehicle rebate, which would encourage the manufacturing and purchasing of electric vehicles in Michigan.

Promoting a Strong Regional Economy: I support a comprehensive economic plan that protects the 77th District’s diverse regional economy, while promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. Notably, the following are some key industries in this area, per Lansing Economic Area partnership (LEAP):

  • AgTech & Food Innovation

  • Insurance Services & Insurtech

  • Life Sciences & Accelerator Tech

  • Mobility & Autonomous Tech

Building a Stronger Economy: Issues
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